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Piece for 2 jugglers dancers and 100 m of rope


Choreographic juggling

A line as a starting point. A line in space.

A rope as white as a sheet of paper waiting to be filled with stories and images. The line quivers, comes to life, emancipates itself and becomes the very thread of history.

The line splits, makes knots like a dance of snakes, the threads cross and untangle. Short or long, the rope is the central object of this choreographed juggling where two jugglers dancers take us into an imaginary world woven of poetry.

The white line writes history by playing with the viewer's imagination.

Linea suggests characters, surprises us with unexpected shapes and creates the illusion of a universe where hard ropes and soft sticks merge.

In this infinite space of play, the two jugglers invite us to build, undo and weave their stories and let our imagination wander over the course of the movement. They invent an original and poetic language tinged with humor around the manipulation of objects, juggling and dance.

The project was supported by the CREAC (Marseille), the Grainerie (Toulouse), the Maison des Jonglages and the Jean Houdremont Cultural Center (La Courneuve), the Peripheral Space (Mairie de Paris / Parc de la Villette), the Cirque Binet (Paris), Espace Catastrophe (Brussels), the Noctambules (Nanterre), with the help of Arcadi, within the framework of the Solidarity Plateaux.

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