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La Mélodie d'ici et là
Illusion theater for choreographed objects and videos

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Creation November 2019

"La Mélodie d'ici et là" is a choreographic dream. Thanks to digital arts, it plunges us into a new poetic reality.

In a game of visual metamorphosis, reality is diverted to bring out a universe of fantasy, of absurdity, of joyful and colorful vertigo.

"La Mélodie d'ici et là" is a playground that challenges and multiplies the limits of our daily life, our perception and our relationship to others.

An enchanting spectacle that evokes the power of the imagination!

photographs: Michel Tonon

The show " La Mélodie d'ici et là "  is at the heart of the research of the Cie Sens Dessus Dessous. By introducing a digital scenography  (video mapping), the art of choreographic manipulation of the object, developed for more than 10 years by the company, here becomes a theater of illusion for choreographed object and video.

The theme of the duo will be approached around otherness in all its dynamics. Thus, the play deals with the meeting, the attraction between two people, through several fantastic situations. The birth of a relationship between two people is thus revealed, the outlines of links to be created.

We sow confusion as to the border between the real object and the object image, between the flesh body and the projected body.

We are developing a lexicon based on both poetry and digital techniques, through the play of metamorphoses, between reality and virtuality.


Concept and interpretation: Aurélie Galibourg and Jive Faury

Director: Jive Faury

Staging assistance: Florent Hamon

Digital scenography and video creation: Jive Faury

Programming assistance: Jacques Hoepffner

Scenography and accessories: Emmanuelle Grobet

Sound design: Yann Priest and Florent hamon

Light creation, Stage manager: Olivier Naslin

Construction: Serge Galibourg

Production : Company upside down

Co-production : Cie Désuète (91), Théâtre d'Ivry Antoine Vitez (94), Le Tivoli-Montargis (45)

The creation benefits from the following support : DRAC Ile-de-France, Regional Council Ile-de-France

Departmental Council of Essonne, SPEDIDAM

Residences : Théâtre d'Ivry Antoine Vitez (94), Le Tivoli-Montargis (45), Espace Jacques Brel de Romainville (93),

Pablo Picasso-Homécourt Cultural Center (54), Rungis Theater (94), 36 du Mois-Fresnes (94),

Vincennes Conservatory (94)

2020-2021 tour :

Théâtre Le 140 / Bruxelles (Belgium), UP Season Espace Catastrophe: December 2, 2020 at 7 p.m. / canceled

L'Aqueduc / Dardilly Cultural Center (69) : January 24, 2021 / postponed to March 28, 2021

CRAC's Cultural Center / Chambreville (Belgium) : April 23, 2021, 1:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. / postponed season 2021-2022

Imaginarius Festival / Santa Maria de Feira (Portugal) : May 29-31, 2021 / canceled

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