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Jive Faury

Founder of the company Sens Dessus Dessous, he has worked for 25 years in the field of circus arts, choreography and digital arts.

Jive Faury also participates in the creation of the G. Bistaki company, which develops circus, dance, scenographic and video installations in public spaces.

He also asserts himself as a circus choreographer or an outside look at different forms of performance and for different companies.

Jive Faury has been developing for several years a work around Digital Arts and its interaction in the performing arts through video mapping.

Author, Stage Director and Performer

Company Sens Dessus Dessous

Les petites pièces (2009)

Out of Line (2010)

Linéa (2011)

(Dis) -cordes (2015) , SACD grant - Beaumarchais "Author of Circus"

Bach Experimentations (2018)

La Mélodie d'ici et là (2019)

Instant [s] (2020)

G. BISTAKI Company -

Cooperatzia (2010)

The Baïna Trempa Fritz Fallen (2015)  

Baïna (na) (2018)


Circus Artist Performer - Author

Les Apostrophés Company : Le Passage Désemboité (2004-2016), Le Cabaret Désemboités (2010-2014)

Jérôme Thomas Company : RAIN / BOW (2006-2009), Libellules et Papillons (2009-2012)

Jean-François Zygel Company: The Classic Cabaret by Jean-François Zygel (2007-2012), Nights of Improvisation at the Théâtre du Châtelet (2008-2014)

Ensemble FA7 : Facade (2002), Mosaic (2004)

Carcara Company :   Opera du Dragon (2000), Tonnerres et Eclairs (2001),   The Juggler and the Musician (2003), Lost Balls (2004)

Cie Tel Quel   : Highs and Lows (2000)


Circassian choreographer

Choreographer for the creation I-Solo of the Jérôme Thomas Company(2018)


Choreographer Juggler for The opera Le Ballet Royal de la nuit , Directed by Francesca Lattuda and musicalized by Sébastien Daucé (2017)

Digital Arts Creator

Video creation of La Mélodie d'Ici et là - Sens Dessus Dessous Company

Videomapping creation of ODE Festival International de Videomapping in Lille

Creation SDD LAB - Laboratory bringing together the Digital Art creations of the Jive Faury (2020)

Video Creation of Dedans mon corps - Désuète Company (2017)


Video creation by Flüx - Désuète company


Staging assistance

Romeo - Obsolete Company

Dedans mon corps - Desuète Company

Short Film, Audiovisual Work

Prelude for a cane - Arte - ARTE en Scène series (2020)

Director: Mathias Castegnaro

Authors / Performers: Jive Faury, Aurélie Galibourg

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